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Marilyn Monroe

I want to be loved by you ♥

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This community was made for people who love and adore Marilyn Monroe.

Please no spamming. No trolling, you will be banned, and reported.
No promoting of other communities, unless it has something to do with Marilyn Monroe.
However, no rating communities please.
If posting large pictures, or more than three pictures, please put under a lj-cut.
(If you do not know how please contact a moderator.)
This community is about Marilyn Monroe, so please don't update about your day or whatever else.
This is for her and about her and for people who love her as well.
Don't be rude. And don't be mean.
No lurkers. If you join this community, you are expected to post and stay active as often as you can.
Promote. Promote. Promote. We want this community to grow!
We want this to be a friendly place where everyone is welcome, so let's keep it that way!

No direct linking please, save to your own browser.

Buttons to link to us from your livejournal
will be provided shortly.

This community is moderated by blondebeautymeg & imoffglass22.
We are friends in real life, so don't try and start trouble. And by the way, we LOVE Marilyn Monroe!

If you need to contact us: (AIM sn)
imoffglass22 = ImOffGlass22
blondebeautymeg = blondebeautymegs

Our lovely and devoted members!

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